The Zlatibor gondola exceeded expectations: The owners of the land whose price jumps – Biz are also rubbing their hands

Cajetina – Today marks one year since the cabins of the panoramic gondola transported the first passengers on a 9-kilometer route from the center of Zlatibor to Tornik.

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About the atmosphere of driving over Zlatibor forests, meadows, streams, Ribnica Lake … let the tourists who drove talk, while the number of transported passengers and hundreds of other data speaks about the justification of building this tourist attraction, in which the Municipality of Cajetina invested 13 million euros. , reports Blic.

From January 11, 2021 until today, according to the PE “Gold Gondola Zlatibor”, 250,000 tickets have been sold, but it should be borne in mind that the pandemic has conditioned the work with halved capacities. That is, in each of the 54 cabins with 10 seats, a maximum of five passengers could be carried. At the same time, due to the legally obligatory monthly, quarterly, six-month and annual overhauls, the gondola did not work for 65 days.

“Apart from tourists from Serbia and the surrounding countries, many of whom turned 100 kilometers from their routes to ride the gondola, we hosted visitors from Western countries, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Malta, Russia, Africa, Australia, the United Arab Emirates In 2021, the gondola received the most prestigious ‘Tourist Flower’ award from the Tourist Organization of Serbia in the competition of organizations for its contribution to improving tourism and raising the quality of rustic services. gondolas as a world attraction and the longest in the world “, states the PE” Gold Gondola Zlatibor “.

The only unforeseen circumstance, according to this company, happened this summer when a Zlatibor resident cut one of the cables for power supply to the cable car while digging the foundations for the plot. However, the passengers did not stay hanging in the air because they were transported to the first station with the help of units that activate themselves in such situations.

The revenue generated by the gondola exceeded all expectations. For now, the “Gold Gondola Zlatibor” only states that the studies made during the design of this attraction said that the investment will be returned in 10 years, but the repayment period will be much shorter.

Ar more expensive than 70,000 euros

The gondola also had immediate financial effects. The previous winter and summer tourist season on Zlatibor, despite all expectations, was a record, and for the New Year’s holidays, this mountain sold out all 40,000 beds. In just four holidays, the gondola transported 6,000 passengers, and the effect would have been even greater if the pandemic measures had not been in force, due to which many did not get their turn to ride from the tourist center of the mountain to Tornik. Zlatibor is known as a mountain in the heart of which a piece of land is paid for with dry gold, and one of them was sold last year for 73,000 euros per acre. Not only in the center, land prices have jumped dramatically in the villages at the other end of the gondola.

Thus, the residents of Ribnica, the village in which the gondola station is located, now do not give their land for even 5,000 euros per acre, and the plots in the neighboring Šainovci and Jablanica have become more expensive.

The area around the intermediate station and the lake in Ribnica, the Cajetinci are announcing as a new chapter in the development of Zlatibor tourism. Here, in a circle of 200 hectares, there will be the “Golden City”, a luxury complex intended for sports-recreational and health tourism, and this part of Zlatibor is also planned for the production of electricity by solar panels.

Shortly after the opening of the gondola, the leaders of the Cajetina municipality announced the construction of another branch, which should go from the intermediate station in Ribnica to the top of Čigota. For now, there are no more precise announcements when this project will be entered, only the existing cable car will get 20 new cabins this year. As they say in “Gold Gondola Zlatibor”, all for the reason of shortening the waiting time for driving in shock conditions when the crowds are the biggest.

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