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More than 3,000 civilians and soldiers seek compensation for the depletion of depleted uranium on our country

Two new lawsuits against NATO over the use of depleted uranium during the 1999 bombing of the FRY will be filed with the Belgrade High Court next week.

Lawyer Srdjan Aleksic, who is filing lawsuits against NATO with his Italian colleague, says that more lawsuits are being prepared. According to him, the previous lawsuit was filed in January last year and was sent to the defendant, but no answer has been received yet, says Aleksić.

– That lawsuit contains all relevant documents and evidence. It is written in English. They have now been given a deadline to declare themselves – said Aleksić for TV Prva, noting that in addition to two new lawsuits, additional ones are being accepted.

When asked who is the plaintiff against the Alliance, he explains that so far about 3,000 citizens, members of the Serbian Army, reservists, civilians who were in Kosovo and Metohija during the NATO bombing …

Also, Aleksic adds, the lawsuit was written in cooperation with an Italian lawyer, who participated in 250 final cases, in which the court decided to compensate Italian soldiers who developed deadly diseases due to depleted uranium. It is a very specific tumor, as Aleksić explains, and in all these cases it was proven that there were heavy metals in their blood.

– It is the same with our soldiers, reservists and civilians who were in the bomb-throwing zones, but their cases are even more difficult. The evidence is solid – said Aleksić and added that based on them, the Italian court passed 250 final verdicts in favor of Italian soldiers who were in contaminated areas in Kosovo and Metohija after the NATO bombing.




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